Probiotic, Non-GMO, Fermented, All Natural


Our Mission

Sonoma Brinery is dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers by bringing them delicious, all natural food products that not only taste good, but bring health benefits as well. Our company is dedicated to:
• Never using artificial food preservatives, colorings and flavorings,
• Use of recyclable materials and recycling of our production waste,
• Use of organic products where possible,
• Use of only the highest quality ingredients,
• Encouraging sustainable agricultural practices.

David Ehreth, Founder

After a 30 year career building high-tech telecommunications equipment, it occurred to Dave that now that people are telecommunicating with each other, the next thing they’d need would be a really good pickle. Combining a lifelong passion for food with his hobby of making pickles in the summer from cucumbers grown in his garden, Dave created Alexander Valley Gourmet, home of Sonoma Brinery. Today, Sonoma Brinery provides a variety of all-natural pickles and sauerkraut to stores and restaurants throughout the West.

Jill Lyon, COO

Jill, formerly of Peet's Coffee and Tea, brings 35 years of sales/promotion/retail to this family owned business. Dave and Jill are first cousins and share their fathers' love of a good Kosher pickle. She brings her passion for good food, and her love for great customer care to Sonoma Brinery.