Questions... Here's Some Answers

1) What makes your sauerkraut probiotic?

Answer:  Sauerkraut is fermented with a variety of bacteria, many of which are proven probiotics (bacterial that are beneficial to people). We do not pasteurize our sauerkraut so when you buy our sauerkraut it is loaded with probiotics.

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2) Is all sauerkraut probiotic?

Answer:  No, most sauerkraut is pasteurized to extend shelf life. For maximum nutritional benefit, read the labels carefully to make sure your sauerkraut is fresh and not pasteurized. All Sonoma Brinery kraut is probiotic

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3) How long is your sauerkraut good after opening?

Answer:  Our sauerkraut is coded with a “Best Buy” label at 160 days from manufacture because by then, the probiotic population will have declined. The “Best Buy” sticker can be located on the bottom of your container. However, if treated properly (lid on, in the refrigerator), your sauerkraut will remain good for a long time, up to several years. Only if you see a change in color, texture or an unpleasant smell or taste should you throw your remaining sauerkraut out.

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4) Are pickles probiotic?

Answer:  Some are, some are not. Our Manhattan-Style Whole Kosher Pickles are fermented, unpasteurized and are highly probiotic. Our Outrageous Bread & Butter Pickles, Sizzling Bread & Butter Pickles and Wild West Dills are cold-processed with vinegar and are not probiotic.

5) What is a true “kosher” pickle?

Answer:  The name “kosher” comes from this pickle’s roots in the Jewish communities in and around New York. Fermenting cucumbers in salt brine with garlic and spices is how a traditional kosher pickle is made. We think the kosher pickle is the King of Pickles due to its superior taste, texture and nutritional value. Sadly, the term “kosher” has been used over the years to include pickles made with vinegar, artificial colors, flavorings, heat processing and preservatives. It’s not hard to find one of these on any pickle shelf. Sonoma Brinery’s Manhattan-Style Whole Kosher is our homage to the traditional kosher pickle made using fermentation, the finest cucumbers, fresh garlic and premium spices. 

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How do I open your 16oz tubs?

On the left corner of the top of a 160z container, there are instructions and a break-away tab. Pull down on the tab and then lift the lid. Easy as that.